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V+ Home Air Purifier - AP07V

Did you know that in majority of homes, the air is more polluted than on the outside? More than that - watery red eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing — these familiar symptoms means that pollen and other allergens are present . This type of air purifying unit provides guaranteed respiratory relief, especially if you’re living in a busy urban or industrial area.

So smart in fact that it follows the light level in the room, so when you dim the lights it turns off on its own and enters into a sleep mode.
When its working, you won't even notice that it's on - whisper quiet.

We went to China and we’ve picked out the best product to deal with such problems, because they have perfected the way by extensive R&D in which they handle air pollution.

Equipped with every filter stage needed for neutralizing dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses and allergies, while the purification process itself is virtually silent. Fresh air and very low dust levels are the result of 99% filtration rate.

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