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Rent a V Plus

Why should some of the basic goods necessary for life, like pure water and clean air be unaffordable? V + meets the needs of the modern world and introduces to its offer an innovative, full service rental - get home air and water purifiers without having to buy them! Turn your tap into a clean water well - no more plastic bottles! Limitless pure air & water in your home at a low price! So much for so little!

When you enroll in our V Plus rental program, you will not have to worry about anything:

● Rented equipment will be serviced with replacement filters within the lifespan of your contract;
● We will provide have technical support; we’ll solve any problems you might have with our devices.
● A full guarantee for the rented equipment applies throughout the rental period;
● The possibility of even cheaper, further equipment rental after 2 years;
● Direct contact with brand representatives in case of any further questions or issues.

Terms of equipment rental at V + Habitat:

● Minimum rental period of equipment - 2 years (if the device is returned earlier, the lease will be charged with the rental costs for two full years);
● The rental agreement will expire when the equipment is back in our warehouse;
● The cost of a 2-year loan program for a selected product, after this period the price of further rental will be reduced by 10% (in the third year) and by 25% (for subsequent years);
● Replaceable filters will be added to every device once a year (with normal use of the equipment it is not necessary to replace the filters more often than once a year); if you need more frequent replacement of filters, you can buy them with a 50% discount (from the original price);
● Any technical, mechanical and electrical problems resulting from the use of the equipment (as intended) will be solved by V + Habitat.


● The borrower bears full responsibility for the rented equipment: in the event of loss, disappearance or theft of the device, the lease will be charged with the rental costs by the end of the pre-agreed period;
● The equipment will be sent to the Customer via courier. Installation and commissioning of the device are at the discretion of the Customer and should be carried out in accordance with the information contained in the instruction manual.

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