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Our passion and long-term experience has become what we do; sharing everything with our customers and suppliers. Swiss based, our philosophy is to only work directly with our manufacturers, artisans, and artists, whom we all know personally. We also conduct thorough quality control checks onsite. We admire entrepreneurship, mainly by those who bring creative, intelligent, and simple solutions to the world. We bring these handmade products to our community directly from the creators. We connect unique artists with our community allowing a win-win solution to both.


  • The happiness to buy lightly
  • The happiness to buy naturally
  • This is what guides us and all we do here at V+.


We all desire to live in a healthy and natural way. Nowadays, there is much more awareness to living a healthy and natural lifestyle alongside our loved ones. Our online department store makes your desired lifestyle more affordable than ever.


We also provide the healthiest cooking options using safe and natural materials made by responsible artisans that use centuries-old knowledge and provide modern solutions in ancient ways.


A fantastic variety of handmade products crafted by amazing artisans that we have carefully selected. All of these products are made from natural materials that are fit for natural living. They are especially created for our habitat.


We partnered with La Saponaria – a unique entrepreneur from Italy who created a line of natural materials based cosmetics for women, men, children, babies, and even pets. Products with proven results, at fantastic affordable prices, are sourced directly from Italy. We aim to create a happy community around our online department store that will provide great value to its customers – we have a very lucrative loyalty program and provide special promotions on a daily basis – see our product of the day.

We continue searching for and bringing about special natural handmade products and connecting talented artisans with our community. We also want to know what you think and what you wish us to have in our department store. We will do our best to add the relevant lines of products.


Another passion of ours, and a MUST have in home, is clean air products. Pollution nowadays causes respiratory illnesses and it shortens your life – we must take control of the air we breathe.

For people with allergies, houses with pets, and for anyone who wants some fresh air, providing great solutions encompassing the best of air purifying technology is our passion.


Our founder has 15 years of experience in workplace and home water purification; this is one of the reasons why clean water is our passion. This category is built based on his choices and includes only high quality, very intelligent, and simple to use products that perform flawlessly while filtering and purifying your water.

Our selection of products can be used for purifying drinking water, cooking, washing vegetables, and we even have a sports bottle with a great filter that lasts for a whole year. All our products are at affordable prices - just think about the thousands of plastic bottles and the environment you’ll be saving!

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